Working harder and smarter to do more

Companies are expected to satisfy several stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, the community—but might not have the capability or resources to meet their needs effectively. PROFITIC enables organizations to improve performance and address multiple objectives simultaneously.



Focus on value

PROFITIC focuses on key success factors to find new opportunities for your business to grow and prosper. We get the big picture, and then we dive into the areas with the greatest impact. Significant gains can be achieved surprisingly quickly while improvement programs generate sustainable long term results.



Products are core to business. They can strengthen customer loyalty, give employees a sense of purpose, and drive the bottom line. A great product changes lives, transforms an industry, and leaves a legacy.

What if your products are not meeting expectations?

  • unit sales consistently miss the forecast

  • high volume products generate moderate to low margins

  • new product introductions frequently delayed and over budget

  • majority of revenue comes from mature products

  • warehouses filled with slow-moving inventory

PROFITIC Product Line Transformation identifies and addresses opportunities in the portfolio, product mix, and commercialization process. Contact us to explore the possibilities.



Leveraging product mix to boost sales

CASE STUDY  A company increased revenue per customer by replacing most of an under-performing product line with a better assortment of new products. The initiative focused on improving quality, expanding selection, and increasing margins. Customers were willing to spend more when given a better selection of high quality goods, but management had to change its perspective first. This discussion reviews the actions taken and tracks both short term and long term results based on detailed data collected over three years.

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Revenue is one of the biggest factors affecting a company's financial performance and valuation. Businesses, and their leaders, are judged first on sales.

What if your marketing and sales efforts are falling short?

  • revenue hits a plateau or starts to decline

  • unit sales consistently miss the forecast

  • discounts and promotions only yield modest results

  • market share erodes

  • top personnel leave the company

PROFITIC Top Line Transformation addresses key market and organizational opportunities to generate new revenue. Contact us to explore the possibilities.



Differentiation through collaborative action

CASE SUMMARY  A large manufacturer wanted to spur demand and increase its market share without sacrificing margins. It teamed up with a key distributor to improve the inter-company order fulfillment process and to create joint marketing campaigns. The manufacturer was able to differentiate itself and increase market share at a time when industry sales were down.

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An organization will not fulfill its purpose if the business is unsustainable. Companies must achieve results—whether financial, operational, customer impact, or social good.

What if company performance is not meeting expectations?

  • decline in earnings or return on assets

  • missed operational targets: cost, quality, delivery

  • excess resources or overhead for the level of output

  • dissatisfied, under-served customers

  • insufficient positive impact on the community

PROFITIC Bottom Line Transformation addresses core opportunities in operations, the supply chain, and corporate support organizations to improve company performance. Contact us to explore the possibilities.



A multi-faceted approach to management

BRIEF  In today’s era of limited resources and fierce competition, companies are under intense pressure to satisfy customers and increase productivity. Meeting these challenges requires a combined effort that utilizes several approaches. This short discussion highlights value chain integration, design and build methodologies, and stakeholder management.

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One of the biggest factors contributing to an organization's success is the quality of its personnel. Nearly every aspect of company performance relies on the capabilities, interactions, and motivations of the people involved.

What if your employees and managers are not meeting expectations?

  • deadlines frequently missed and tasks performed poorly

  • dissatisfied, under-served customers

  • high employee turnover or absenteeism

  • frequent overspending and misapplied resources

  • undersirable behaviors put company at risk

PROFITIC Workforce Transformation addresses opportunities in performance management, individual development, and management practice to generate better results. Contact us to explore the possibilities.


Profitic Limited Company is a management consulting firm based in Austin, Texas that offers performance improvement and development services. The PROFITIC Transformation process focuses on a company's core value chain of products-markets-delivery to identify opportunities to grow revenue, improve margins, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

The productivity of knowledge is going to be the determining factor in competitive position of a company, an industry, an entire country. No country, no industry, or company has any 'natural' advantage or disadvantage. The only thing that increasingly will matter is management's performance in making knowledge productive.

– Peter Drucker

PROFITIC was founded in 2008 on the principle that market success comes by providing compelling value, and business success comes through a strong team and sound management. Individuals, managers, and executives all have important roles to play. Our role is to help you succeed. When the task is hard we are inspired by the challenge. When the stakes are high we find resolve and purpose. When the job is done we are thankful for the opportunity.



  • Manufacturing

  • Computers

  • Electronics

  • Semiconductors

  • Telecom

  • Automotive

  • Capital Equipment

  • Delivery and Freight

  • Installation and Service

  • Consumer Products

  • Food and Beverage

  • Retail


  • Performance Assessment

  • Profit Improvement

  • Turnarounds

  • Business Analysis

  • Strategy Development

  • Program Management

  • Product Planning

  • Marketing Programs

  • Interim CEO

  • Interim COO

  • Program Manager on Demand

  • Administrative Support

  • Executive Counsel

  • Workforce Assessment

  • Mentoring & Personal Development

  • Training


  • Project Management

  • Concurrent Product Development

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Business Process Development

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Leadership Development

  • Performance Management

  • Individual Development Planning

  • Change Management

  • High Performance Teams




PROFITIC supports community programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The company actively sponsors special events and provides advisory support to organizations such as Exploration Nation and the Texas Museum of Science & Technology. In addition, we produced a set of short videos commemorating the space shuttle program.